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i’m also suuuuper interested in playing the queen regent (natalie dormer)

if anyone would want to set up some plots or if anyone has any ideas DEF message me on here or my other username!!!!!!!! ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER/OFFER SEXUAL FAVORS/OFFER CAKES.

my top ? choices

(this is my rp account. main account is full-of-terrors)

NOT in order of preference. I don’t really have a preference other than not stepping on anyone’s toes. :)

  1. _____ Gracelyn (Jennifer Lawrence), 21 
  2. _____ Gracelyn (Lucy Griffiths), 25 
  3. _____ Preston (Gemma Arterton), 22
  4. _____ Preston (Janet Montgomery), 23

OR THE JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS FACE CLAIM LOL. probably going to take two characters tbh, one male one female. I can’t restrict myself to 3 possibilities haha.