name: loz aka lozymandias aka idk

timezone: gmt-5 thats new york for those interested

favourite fantasy species/creature: MERMZ AND TARGARYENS (yes that’s a species ok)

favourite face claim(s): your grandma and holliday grainger

dream plot: overbearing families, cutthroat politics, lovers who can never be, queens that never were, and for this site i want to create the strongest power couple the world has ever seen that will doMINATE THE EARTH.

prompts?: yeah i’m finna

gif that describes you: 

ughhhhh my life is such a joke i hate having a job.

who are people playing? who is wanted? what is air? how do words?

also as an update i wish my mom would buy me a lute so i could be loz the lutist.

i’m going to attempt to work on a ballad or something later on today. work has been m u r d e r i n g me this week! does anyone have suggestions like historical/mythical/***BAWDY TAVERN SONG***/ idk something else like a house or region or character. you can suggest anything and i can most likely turn that idea into a poem or limerick or little song. capisce?